Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrappin NASCAR 3

Well this one took me for ever to get just right, and I'm not certain it's there yet. But I am happy enough to actually use it in my book already. I used it on my Dupont on Pit Road pages.

Scrappin NASCAR 2

Can you tell what make my fav driver drives for? Yup Chevy (sorry honey Ford has no good drivers). This I've actually already used in my scrapbook.

Scrapping NASCAR!

Let's just say I've got NASCAR on my mind lately. I've got 7 days of camping and racing to dobefore we go to the race in June. So I am preplanning pages to work on for the retreat in April (can't wait! Yeah!!) This is my attempt at the NASCAR logo. The letters are the wrong font, but they do cut seperate so I can trim them up before I glue them down. And yes it will have the yellow, red, purple and blue behind the letters just like the real thing.