Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My first Acrylic Album / Meeting Tiny

Well I actually scrapped not long ago. This album was done for Christopher's birthday. It is made from clear acrylic sheets from Lowes.

In case you don't know, Tiny is a person Chris met at Michigan International Speedway this summer. He works for the #24 Dupont Over the wall crew. He carries the front Tires.
These are the pages to the book. It was quite a challenge since you can see through the pages. So you have to be really carefull what you put on pages since you have to cover up the back side on the next page.


Jana said...

That book rocks!! Just found you on the Cricut forum. I just got the full version CDS this past weekend. Preparing to install now. I'm a Jimmie Johnson Fan!! And I live in MI too!!

Katie said...

I love your work! Your acrylic album is one of the best I've ever seen. The clarinet is awesome.
(Katie, "Oh...Scrap" from the cricut mb)

scrappingmommy2 said...

Wow, I've never seen acrylic albums. that is awesome. I just came across you on the msg board on the red wings topic. Go wings, I'm Mich too. Here's my blog if you want to keep in touch. I'm always looking for ppl to crop with. I saw you were at the Port Huron swarm, I was suppose to go but it ended up being our vacation week. :-( I'd love to see if we live close enough to go to crops. I've been think of going to one of those crop inns.
If you need storage for crafting supplies check this out.
CLICK HERE Go to the products page too. Many things there.
Smileygrl on Mb

Debi said...

Oh Boy that is neat.. My Son would love that album he is a big 24 fan. He is in the Air Force and go to as mean races as he can. I never seen acryic album were do you get them? thanks for the idea..