Monday, August 18, 2008

Making Music

As I prepare for a 12 hour crop this weekend (whoo can't wait) I got the urge to make a clairinet for my son's one and only band concert. You see his grades started to suffer from the two hours a day, twice a week they pulled him from class. As much as I love him playing an instrument, his educatiuon is more important to me. So I degress, I decided to work on a clairinet for his page. And Jeff Gordon got messed up and was sucking during the race (finished 42 in a 43 car field).
<---------- That is the end result. And I am really thrilled with how it came out. Not perfect. It is missing some keys and the spacing of the keys I did do is wrong. But darn it I am very proud of it. and I plan to use it with pride on my pages.
I'm also hoping to make some more cuts for pages this weekend so I don't have to wait on the machine at the crop. I think that is what slows me down so much. I mean I love the 15 page I got done at the swarm, but I'd like to get alot more done if possible. No I am going to get more done this weekend. If it kills me I am going to get more done. Period.
On a side note, only 17 more days till shcool starts. We are all getting nervous about that.

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findit1 said...

Wow. This is so detailed and so incredible. Your quite an artist.

Crazyaboutscrapping (cricut MB)